A Timeless Journey in Nepal

Words cannot describe the feeling. It was unprecedented, nothing I have ever experienced before. Life was simple. Technology had no place in the realm of the majestic mountains. It was raw beauty at its finest. The local people lived in harmony with the land. They harvested not only seasonal crops but also life energy from the Earth. The life energy was so vibrant and euphoric. I came to the conclusion that simple living brings one closer to a state of bliss. As the saying goes, “back to nature…”




A good part of the reason why the trip was so enjoyable was because of the company of like-minded people. First, our tour guide (Pravin) and our porters (Kumar, Narayan, Kapil, and Sumin) were simply amazing people. They were super friendly, kind, respectful, and humorous. They were my teachers just as much as I was theirs. I learned about their culture and language in exchange for teaching them about my Chinese-American culture and some Brooklyn slang haha. Our relationship transcended the professional-and-client based one and evolved to a boundless friendship that can be felt across the mountains. Muri muri dhanyabad (thank you very much in Nepali) Pravin, Kumar, Narayan, Kapil, and Sumin!



Then there were the colorful personalities that contributed to the uniqueness of my experience. My group consisted of a Japanese couple (Hiro and Kazuko), a mother and daughter (Gloria and Kate), a family from Colorado (Pat, Gaylene, and Heather), a young woman who hails from Scotland (Jo), two sisters from the outskirts of New Zealand (Jinnelle and Turina), and a well-traveled youngster from Texas (Alex). The diversity and creativity brought the group energy to a whole new level (as if it wasn’t great already!). Although we did not actually get to climb mountains, it sure felt like we were on top of them.


It is not common to have people from all over the world, who share the same passion for nature, meet and journey together in a majestic place conducive of life and happiness. It was the epitome of a peaceful world where all walks of life interact, share, learn, and enjoy each other’s company. The Universe answered our call when it felt our energies vibrating in resonance, like prayer flags dancing forever with the wind.


prayer flags


Despite all the positive remarks that I made about my experiences in Nepal, I must say that at the end of the day, it is what you make of it. It depends on your mindset and perspective. Traveling to Nepal alone and not knowing what to expect set the stage for something special. It turned out to be exactly that. I lived with no expectations, no responsibilities, no distractions, no pressure, and no stress. (Heck, I even lost track of time!) I was simply being me. I believe these are the ingredients to happiness.


As the great Lao Tzu once said, “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.”


Prayer flag


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