“I used to think I can do it all myself, but now my belief is that having a coach really helps in terms of getting yourself healthy. A coach can push you when you don’t feel like working; a coach can give you critical feedback so you get the most out of your exercise; and lastly, a coach can provide the emotional support when you need it the most. A healthy lifestyle is a choice we make now that can have a huge difference as we grow older. Action speaks louder than words, and when I saw James working out diligently at the park and willingly shared his expertise, I was very much impressed. Moreover, James’ maturity is beyond his years, and I am just in awe with his high E.Q. Great job, and keep it up James!”

Charles T
Quantitative Analyst, 35, Brooklyn, NY


“Working with James has been a difference maker in my life. He is very supportive, compassionate, and a great listener. Before going to him, I did not understand who I was, what my purpose is and what goals I should set. I was a very carefree individual. What I enjoy most about James is that he has the gift to find your inner treasures that will allow me to live a better life. Now, I have come to an understanding on what is really important to me and what steps I need to take in accomplishing my goals. Furthermore, he has given me insight on living a positive life through what I eat, what activities I do, and even what friends I have around me.”



Dale P
Job Club Coordinator, 31, East Stroudsburg, PA






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