Spiritual Wellness

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.” – Thales

How well do you know yourself? What defines you? When you remove yourself from all technology, gadgets, distractions, and the modern life, what is left? A naked body…duh! Dum dum!

Yes true, but in a deeper sense, what is really left? Picture yourself standing alone on the edge of a cliff, isolated from everything. Just you and nature. Imagine what is going through your mind. Hope it is not “Jump!” How do you feel? If you hold your position long enough, then something magical will happen…

standing on the edge

In relation to the concept of bio-individuality, everyone will experience something different. Generally, one might start feeling peaceful, tranquil, happy, appreciative, and/or humble. These feelings will probably set the stage for deep thoughts and questions in regards to existence, relationship with the world, and purpose in life.


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Teilhard de Chardin


spiritual being

The spirit is usually regarded by most as a separate entity from the mind and body. That assumption is false because our focus is diverted from the truth to materialism and other distractions that beg for our attention. Consciousness is the door to the soul. A distraction-free, natural environment is necessary to show the path to that door. Only when your mind and body are naturaligned will you be able to embrace your soul at the door.

Everyone has his/her own definition of spirituality and way of connecting to the soul, whether it’d be through God, religion, church, rituals, or other special practices. However, I believe that nature is the best place to access the “temple” of mankind in a peaceful and humbling way, and am confident to say that many people can agree with that. Tell me, why are we in awe of the natural phenomena: hurricanes, mountains, the Sun, the Moon, stars, sky, the Northern & Southern Lights, solar & lunar eclipses, trees, animals? We are all sons and daughters of Mother Nature and have the innate ability to connect with Her through our natural senses.

northern lights

Out of all the areas of health and wellness, spiritual wellness is usually the one that is neglected or overlooked. And it is no wonder why that is the case. Technology, social media, and the modern life distract us from connecting to our souls. These external influences seek to distort reality, de-naturalign and turn us into machines at the expense of our health, creativity, and purpose in life.

My definition of spirituality is purpose in life. If you can clearly define YOUR purpose in life, then that will be the natural force that powers and drives you to live it out in reality. The physical world is a manifestation of our thoughts and ideas. But how are we suppose to manifest our goals and dreams if we are always subjected to the limitations, constraints, and denouncements from our peers, family, friends, co-workers, and society? How are we even suppose to know what we want to achieve in life? Ask yourself if your current goals are really your own. Are they naturaligned with your values and purpose in life, or are they genetically modified seeds that have been secretly and subconsciously implanted in you?

ship in rough sea

“Spirituality” is the captain that guides the ship named “Well-Being” through the turbulent waters of life. Captain Spirituality cannot do his job if his crew members, Physical (P), Mental (M), and Emotional (E), are not maintaining the ship in good, sturdy shape (you like what I did there right??). Spiritual wellness does not end when you discover your true purpose. Just like the other areas of wellness, you will have to work on it. How do you work on it? Spiritual wellness is simply recharging your batteries until you’re able to focus your purpose. Meditation in a peaceful setting is one way to recharge (it is still a work in progress for me, and I’m happy for any advice or recommendations).

My suggestion is to devote at least one hour a day to spend time alone and self-reflect, preferably, a natural setting. You want to be free of distractions that beg for your attention. Only then, will you be able to recharge with the natural healing energy that surrounds you.

In The Healing Earth, Philip Sutton Chard described three ways of living life: doing, having, and being.


Society and other outside influence dictate that we “DO” more to “HAVE” more, but never “BE” more. Chard stated,

“When we are comfortable with just being, then we are valuing ourselves intrinsically, separate from any of our prescribed social and economic roles. We no longer have to prove our worth, because just being is proof enough.”  – The Healing Earth

This sums up this quote by the great Albert Einstein,

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

Search for your soul, recapture your spirit, nourish your crew members P, M, E, and drive your ship with purpose and determination, Captain! This is the essence of naturalignment.


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