Path to Naturalignment

embracing life

I’m just another speck of stardust that materialized into existence. To be more specific, I am Chinese-American, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Yes, out of all the places in the Universe…Brooklyn. You might ask what’s so special about Brooklyn? Nothing really. It’s just a tiny dot on the map of the cosmos, where everyone and everything are interconnected and governed by the same laws of nature. This is a universal truth.

People living the “modern life” are far removed from the truth. We are becoming increasingly disconnected from others, from nature, and from ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This disconnect leads to a host of problems in the forms of jealousy, violence, anger, gluttony, sadness, disease and death. Where’s the love man?

There was an inner calling for me to spread love and compassion by helping others. In this day and age, I believe that a holistic approach to health & wellness, meaning one that includes the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual elements, is necessary. Let’s face it, you can’t do anything and enjoy the gift of life if you’re not healthy. Although we all live different lives and have different experiences, I would like us to see the bigger picture and ultimately be in resonance with the natural world so that we can experience the Universal truths of Love, Peace, and Happiness. I call it NATURALIGNMENT [nach-ruh-layhn-muh nt], the concept of aligning with the laws of nature and embracing the Universal truths to become “One”.


Naturalign yourself.


We are all on the same ship that sails through the turbulent waters of life, which is why we all share the responsibility of helping each other get through tough times and survive. We are also responsible for taking care of our ship…our home…our Earth because she is our “Mother of all mothers”. She is the source of life energy, which supports our growth and development. It is in Mother Earth where you will find nourishment, spirituality, and tranquility. If you begin to falter, naturalign yourself with the rhythms of nature by being compassionate, loving, peaceful, grateful, and happy.


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7 thoughts on “Path to Naturalignment

  1. Hi James,

    After reading your blog, I realized that your attitude and language skills are of the desired level. I am learning English and I found that reading your blog can inspire me more. Please continue to write and share some more thoughts.


    1. Hi Pan, thanks for reading!

      The information that you seek is out there. You just have to DECIDE and go get it. May I suggest a word of advice? Pick the minds of the people you wish to learn from. For example, I wanted to learn how Mohandas Gandhi was able to rally millions to fight for independent rule in India through “Satyagraha”, a movement based on truth, non-violence, and forceful resistance. So I read his autobiography. You must become what you wish to attract in life.

      Hope this helps! And of course, spread your knowledge and help others!


    1. Thanks for the comment Dawn! Hope you do the same by reaching out and inspiring others with your uniqueness! I’m trying to set up a subscription for viewers so be on the look out. Have a great day!


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