Impermanence – Nothing lasts forever


Buildings rise and fall. People come and go. Leaves grow and die. Stars shine and disappear. Everything is constantly changing. Everyone knows it but not everyone accepts it.

We all want to feel secure in our homes, be sure that our partners love us unconditionally, and never wake up from our past. Little do we know that our attachment to the desire of permanence leads to stress and unhappiness. Just as how we know how to hold onto something, it is equally important that we learn how to let go of it.

We all have things that we need to let go of because we are sometimes blinded by their veils. It is like living life through broken lenses. Stop and take time to look within. Filter out the negative people, bad memories and experiences that cause us suffering.

Sometimes we don’t want to be honest with ourselves because we don’t want to feel vulnerable, or want to stubbornly believe that we are right. The truth hurts sometimes. Having people that we can trust to be straightforward with us can help because we usually can’t see our own problems.

But how do we learn to accept impermanence, the idea that nothing lasts forever?

By living in the moment. Laughter is the perfect example. When we laugh, we are not thinking about the past or the future, but enjoying the moment because it is ephemeral – it won’t last forever. When we are mentally and physically in tuned, we cherish and enjoy the experience with the understanding that only the present moment is real.

impermanenceDeath is usually something that is hard for people to accept. Where there is life, there is death. Where there is death, there is life. When we accept death, what else do we have to fear? Death is simply new life in disguise.

We should learn to appreciate the experiences that we share with our loved ones and others when we are around them, with the awareness that the moment will never be recreated.

Impermanence. Nothing lasts forever. Everything changes. Life is a roller coaster with ups and downs, twists and turns. We won’t know what is above if we are not below and what is below if we are not above.

We are reborn when we open our eyes every morning. Seize the day as if each day is a new start, a new life.

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