Embrace what many don’t

Mother Nature. Beautiful, mysterious, powerful, ephemeral and eternal. Most people appreciate her on a warm, sunny day, with feelings of delight and happiness. But when the clouds cover the sun, and a storm approaches in the horizon, people head for the covers as if death is upon them. They associate these “bad days” with feelings of dislike and sadness. Why?

Day and night, hot and cold, sunny and cloudy, calm and windy – Mother Nature embodies all. She is on both sides of the same coin. We have to do the same and learn to embrace all of it. We should not fight or attempt to control, but to flow with her.

Take a snowstorm for example. Many people get upset about it because it prevents them from doing what they had planned for the day. Commuting is going to be a pain in the neck. Big storms force us to stay inside. That is Mother Nature’s way of communicating to us to change our views, re-prioritize our plans and focus on what is most important – to spend time with our family and loved ones.

Recall the tsunami that engulfed Japan in 2004 and the earthquakes that leveled Nepal in 2015. People were devastated by the damage and casualties, but did not succumb to their ill-will for long. They eventually came to grips with themselves and realized that there was nothing that they could have done about it. The only way was to move forward. They responded with resilience, hope, and sense of community in their new start.


When we stop seeing Mother Nature as good or bad, then we will cease to be affected by her course. When we embrace and accept her for the way she is, then we will intuitively know what to do in response.

On warm, sunny days, we want to go outside, stretch our legs, and get some fresh air. On cold, rainy days, we want to stay indoors, have hot meals, and spend time with friends and family. When natural disasters occur, we naturally respond by helping others within the community and weathering the storm together.


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

-Winston S. Churchill


Nature is just is. We cannot control it, but can respond by changing our perspective on any given situation. We have the “response-ability” to improve our well-being.


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  1. kalau tv3 salah lapor bhw lynas selamat, pdo juga wajib rasa bersalah kerana menyatakan lynas tidak selamat. sebabnya ialah LYNAS BELUM BEROPERASI!!! reti beruwnggtngjab sikit la…..

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