Three Days of Being Sick Taught Me Patience

Who likes being sick? It’s a terrible feeling.

When you are sick, the pain and almost every little thing irritates you. You can barely do anything productive but hope that the illness goes away as quick as possible.

As you know, even the common cold takes a few days to subside before you regain your vitality. Most people find it unbearable to sit with the cold for even a day. Therefore, they usually resort to a quick fix – medicine. A pill for every ill.

Now don’t take this the wrong way. I am not advocating for people to be masochists and just enjoy the pain and suffering. Nor am I  suggesting to never take medicine, although I am a firm believer in healing through natural means and medicine as the last resort. But obviously everyone’s situation is different.

Three days of being sick taught me patience. Just as how it takes time for us to see the fruits of labor (success in our careers, skill development, blossoming of flowers, weight loss, muscle gain, etc.), we must trust ourselves and our bodies to perform its natural wonders in due time.

During the first day of being sick, I wanted to rid the cold from my body as quickly as possible. I ate a lot of vegetables, drank a lot of tea and honey-lemon water, gargled salt water, and slept a lot.

On the second day, I felt worse. I did not know why despite my efforts. Eventually, I became upset with myself and my body’s inability to heal itself faster. My mentality worsen the pain. Every little thing irritated me.

On the third day, I woke up feeling much better than yesterday. My body’s immune system was working. I just had to be patient and trust the process.

being sick

Give your body a chance. It will heal itself with time. There are no shortcuts in life. None. If you opt for a shortcut (i.e. a quick fix), the Universe will somehow either make you pay for it or find a way to make you start over. Not to mention, there are many adverse effects in taking medicine. Instead, focus on preventive measures through self-care – adequate rest, proper nutrition, daily movement, positive people in company, and sunshine. Health is a long term investment.


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu


Whether you are feeling ill or feeling down about your current situation, acknowledge that it is only temporary. Be patient. Trust yourself. You are only at a stop sign towards your destination. Don’t mistaken it for a dead end.

Patience is a virtue. Learn to embrace all the ups and downs in life.

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