Take A Bite, Enjoy It Right

distracted eating

When was the last time you enjoyed your food? When was the last time you savored each bite? When was the last time it was just you and the food? Often times, people eat with distractions, whether it be watching TV, fidgeting with their phones, reading a book, talking with someone, or stressing about something.  More often than not, people are not present in the moment to enjoy their food. Continue reading

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A Timeless Journey in Nepal

Words cannot describe the feeling. It was unprecedented, nothing I have ever experienced before. Life was simple. Technology had no place in the realm of the majestic mountains. It was raw beauty at its finest. The local people lived in harmony with the land. They harvested not only seasonal crops but also life energy from the Earth. The life energy was so vibrant and euphoric. I came to the conclusion that simple living brings one closer to a state of bliss. As the saying goes, “back to nature…” Continue reading

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