Lost in the Maze of Life

Nowadays, many people have lost touch of life. They have become robotic and unaware of their surroundings, like a poor mouse running endlessly and hopelessly in a maze. In case you didn’t get it because you’re too busy multi-tasking to be more efficient, you are that mouse running aimlessly in life, thinking you can navigate through the walls to find that piece of cheese.

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Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure to naturalign ourselves to promote health, wellness, and happiness! NATURALIGNMENT [nach-ruh-layhn-muh nt] means to align oneself with the natural laws of life in order to flow with energy and live life gracefully.

The natural laws are,

  • Living harmoniously with others and with nature
  • Eating nourishing, whole foods the way nature intended
  • Exercising the body for peak fitness
  • Challenging the mind by constantly learning and questioning
  • Being spiritually conscious about the higher order in life

I hope to share many stories about my personal experiences and feelings in my life thus far and hope there is a something you can take away from reading them. My purpose in life is to educate, enlighten, and empower others in hope of creating a ripple effect on world to do the same, for we are all children of the same Mother. And of course, I hope to learn from you as well so please read, enjoy, and comment!



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